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Bail Bond Process

Knowledgeable Answers for Your Bail Bond Questions

Don't go into a situation you don't fully understand. All Around Bonding Co. of Decatur has experienced bondsmen available to answer your most important questions and make sure you understand the process. For instance, do you fully understand what a bail bond is? It's a contract with the court where the bail bondsman agrees to pay the court the full amount of the bond, if the defendant fails to appear for their scheduled court appearances.


If they do fail to appear, the co-signer of the contract - which could be you, the defendant, a friend, or relative of the defendant - agrees to pay the full amount of the bail and any additional expenses.

  • The judge sets the bail amount, which allows the defendant to be released until trial, if they pay it. The amount is set based on the crime, the defendant's record, and how likely they are to flee.

  • If you cannot afford to post bail yourself, you can pay a licensed bail bondsman a fee to post the bond. If you choose to purchase a bond, you will need to complete and sign an application and Indemnity Agreement with the bail bondsman.

  • After the paperwork is finalized, a licensed bondsman will "post" the bail bond at the appropriate detention facility, resulting in the release of the defendant. The process should take approximately 1-2 hours to complete in most cases.

  • If the defendant is bailed out and fails to appear in court, the court will issue a re-arrest warrant for the defendant's arrest. They will be considered a fugitive, and may be charged with bail jumping. Don't let that happen!

Bail Bond Process